Here and Now – COVID-19

Hello Sweeties! Sweet 185’s physical location (at 115 President Street, Downtown Charleston) is temporarily closed due to COVID-19, adhering to safety guidelines for our staff, our clients and our community-at-large. We sure do miss you!

With this time and as the world changes, we, too, are adapting and operating in flow to align with the times and to be able to be here for a long time to come!

Virtual Services & Consultations

Quality skin care is not just about how much product nutrition is in your daily routine or how long you spent to care for your skin, but identifying what harmoniously resonates with where you are today and where you wish for your skin to be tomorrow. While your daily rituals and at-home care are more important than ever, we are here to help you find that perfect balance to meet your goals, tailored for your personal needs, lifestyle and desires.

Skin Consultation Options

  • Sweet Sustenance: 15 minutes for $25
  • Sweet Harmony: 30 minutes for $45
  • Sweet Attunement: 45 minutes for $60

Call us at 843-329-3500 or email us at to schedule a consultation.

Gift Certificates

We also welcome the purchase of gift certificates for future use. We so appreciate your support as we weather this time, together.

Let’s Stay Connected

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We are here for you and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Light ahead. 🙂



Everything’s coming up roses, from your nose to your toes! Greek legend tells us that Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, was the creator of the rose flower. Cleopatra covered her palace with roses to seduce Mark Anthony and is remembered as the goddess with the rose scent. The Romans consecrated the rose to Venus as the symbol of beauty. Be it nature, essence, or love itself, the rose holds its virtue in every form. Combined with the decadence of cocoa, the rose is even more divine.

This year we’ve designed a face and body treatment with all the love and care we could muster from our magical bag of organic for your skin’s luminosity and overall well-being. From your nose to your toes, you will leave feeling like the mighty Aphrodite, herself!

PLUS! BUY 2 OR MORE GIFT CERTIFICATES for this limited-time-offer service special ($148) and Sweet 185 will include Jurlique’s best-selling organic Rose Lip Balm to accompany each one purchased. (Value $13 each).


80 minutes
Offered February 1 – March 15, 2020
$148 Special Pricing (Value $220)


Each guest is greeted with a blended warm rose tea before service commences to prepare the body, mind, spirit and heart.

We begin by smoothing away your body’s winter-worn skin with our signature Sweet 185 Cocoa Coffee Butter Scrub. We’ll use our luxurious rose oil infused steamed compress towels to massage in a rich layer of smoothing, decadent rose lotion to improve hydration while providing protection from environmental aggressors. Your body will soak in the green tea, turmeric and grape seed infused powerful antioxidants and relish in the Shea butter, avocado and macadamia oils to smooth and hydrate, aiding in overall skin wellness, leaving you feeling soft, replenished and looking radiant.

We will move up to your head and neck, steaming the skin, opening pores and soaking them in pure rose essence followed by a blend of Manuka and wild crafted honey, Abyssinian, hemp seed, and frankincense oils, ground rose petals & lavender buds, colloidal oatmeal, cranberry & blueberry seeds and willow bark to gently pull away unneeded skin cells and impurities without disrupting the delicate moisture balance in deeper cell layers. We will then apply a rare rose therapy mask. Your face will be moisturized with a rare rose gel serum and lotion that is expertly massaged into the skin with rose quartz Gua Sha tools along vital facial pressure points. Shoulders, arms and hands are massaged with a whipped, rose oil and lotion, then wrapped in warming herbal mitts to deeply infuse.

Upon completion, clients are served an organic chocolate treat to invite stimulation of all the senses. Delicious and divine!


Here’s our new year goal for YOU!

6 consecutive monthly, results-driven, facials
4 weeks apart
60 or 90 minutes each
5th + 6th treatments are FREE.

Bookings must be no further than 28-30 days apart. After first 4 are complete, clients must return again at same increment for free 5th & 6th, gratis. If more than 28 days pass facials number 5 and 6 will be forfeited.

PLUS! Each month your product purchases are BUY ONE, GET ONE 50% OFF.

This is our challenge to YOU! We equally are invested in the health of your skin and because we know the best way to get results that feed your glow, we’re committed to making you feel and look your best throughout this new year. You show up for YOU and we will meet you right where you are! With consistent, professional facials, tailored to meet your needs, we’ll pair you with the best products for best results, too, because the benefits of a good facial treatment only get you halfway there. A good facial routine for the days in between is what makes the magic and keeps you literally glowing – in the best way. That certainly doesn’t mean a lot of unnecessary product, just the right ones for you today.

Dear Sweet Ones,

The dawn of a new year is a time for reflection and attunement, realignment and recommitment. We remember peo97a6adc0-7560-4c41-a2e1-b41cc114f780ple, places and events that brought us joy. We reflect on a few things that maybe we would do a bit differently. We find peace and power in the times we took the next-best-step for the moment. We savor the inspiration and the warmth of all that we’d love to live again.

This time of year inherently begs the question, “How am I? How am I really doing?”

If you’re like me, you’re also evaluating your daily rituals; routines your future self will thank you for and ones that align with the truth of who we are. I include my own skincare regimen. I ask myself: “What are your desired results? How do you want to feel? Do you have the right product and are you making the time to make my self-care a priority?” I perform a cabinet cleanse deciding what will stay and what will go.

At Sweet 185, we take great pride in reviewing what you have and what you’re using every day to best match you with the products and techniques that will get you feeling and looking your best. What should be tweaked? What needs to be added? Or what simply needs to be removed? We believe your educated self is much more likely to continue with a healthy skincare routine when you’re equipped with the knowledge of what, how and why. And for this very reason we offer FREE Skin Consultation Appointments every day that our doors are open. If you haven’t experienced your own personalized consultation, see why thousands of clients before you find endless value in this life-ritual review. Your future self will thank you. Feed your glow and let us help you put your best face forward! Happy New Year!

With gratitude, I remain,
Your Master Sugarist,


Happy Holidays!



Wednesday, December 25 – CLOSED
Thursday, December 26 – CLOSED
Friday, December 27 – OPEN 9:30AM – 3PM
Saturday, December 28 – OPEN 9:30AM – 3PM
Monday, December 30 – 9:30AM – 7PM – EXTENDED HOURS
Tuesday, December 31 – 9:30AM – 7PM – EXTENDED HOURS
Wednesday, January 01, 2010 – CLOSED – Happy New Year!
Thursday, January 02 – CLOSED
Friday, January 03 – OPEN 9:30AM – Resume Regular Studio Hours
*We are closed all Sundays.

Sweet Signature Service Winter 2019: Cacao Coffee Body Buzz Scrub

Your whole body has waited all year for this cocoa, coffee buzz and it’s sure to appreciate this warm, buttery, exfoliating blend. This service includes moisture infused hot towels compression, followed by warm oil effleurage rub, a mini facial cleanse, and moisture replenishment. It not only feels good, its a super shot of beneficial, raw content that increases blood flow and naturally smooths cellulite. A super boost of coffee and cacao antioxidants feed the skin and reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints. Our exclusive signature service is sure to have you buzzing right into the new year!

Duration: 60 minutes, Full Body Exfoliation
Price: $144 *Special Pricing through January 31, 2020 ($225 Value)

Sweet Signature Services Fall 2019: Pumpkin Chai Detox

“Fall” back into you and in love with our most popular treatment, the PUMPKIN CHAI DETOX! A Pumpkin seed and oil-based body wrap with a rhythmic effleurage and rejuvenating 30-minute facial.

Your skin is warmed and stimulated with a specialized, naked dry-brush, followed by a moist whole-body compress and a rhythmic effleurage with soothing pumpkin oil. Your therapist then wraps you to ensure the nutrients are completely infused into your skin. But you are only halfway there.

While you are cocooned in your wrap, your therapist will begin your facial. Utilizing the pumpkin extracts, your therapist exfoliates, detoxifies and brightens your face, in addition to protecting it for the winter weather ahead. Glow up and here’s to a bright start to the holiday season!

Duration: 70 minutes
Price: $145 *Special Pricing through December 7, 2019 ($225 Value)

Fall Back Into Your Sweet Self

97a6adc0-7560-4c41-a2e1-b41cc114f780Fall is upon us! As we welcome some crisp, cool mornings after a balmy summer, it feels like the right time to reflect and check in on our self care habits, naturally shedding that which no longer serves us. How well have you been caring for yourself? Physically, emotionally and spiritually?

Embracing a holistic regimen of good habits to better face our days and challenges will help you “fall back” into your sweet self. Supporting these healthy habits that keep your body and skin well nourished supports your overall well-being. From our signature facials and body treatments to our hair removal services, we’ve made it a little easier for you to give your body the attention it deserves. Our PUMPKIN CHAI DETOX seasonal pricing is back! We’ve also discounted our 6-packs on sugaring services! Your commitment to yourself is our commitment to you. As you savour the home stretch of this year, we’re here to support you in falling back into finding your sweet skin care and sugaring regimen that gives you the glow up you so deserve!

On behalf of all of us at Sweet 185, I’m wishing you a wonderful start to this holiday season and we look forward to seeing you in our studio soon!

Sweet Regards,

Christina’s Cabinet: Stay Cool

COOLA Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion  $32

Like a wheatgrass shot for your skin, the Environmental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion delivers powerful results, loaded with antioxidants and nourishing, soothing ingredients that help skin bounce-back after a day in the sun.

OY-L Hymilayan Sea Salt Body Scrubs  $30
A perfect combination of detoxifying and purifying Himalayan salt to cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and smooth!  These are also a client favorite for exfoliating between perfectly smooth sugared skin to prevent ingrown hairs. It is a heavenly back scratch and pure invigoration for the back of arms and feet. Take your sweet pick: Tiare Lime, Lavender, Orange Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Litsea Basil

ILIA Cucumber Primer   $42
The skin’s favorite little pick-me-up: a cooling toner in stick form. This Cucumber Water Stick does everything from reinvigorating the complexion to adding a boost of hydration to prep skin before makeup or moisturizer. Instantly smoothes and soothes skin upon application, adding a flash of refreshing moisture. Infused with botanical extracts of cucumber pulp to help de-puff, chicory root to aid with inflammation, and aloe vera to replenish and restore radiance. Apply around eyes for a midday refresher, or after your morning cleanse to set a smooth foundation for makeup.

Mention this edition of Christina’s Cabinet at check-out and receive 10% off featured products! 

Sweet Signature Services: August 2019


Baby it’s HOT outside!  Come in and cool down with our new kid on the block: a dewey, chilled, mind-cooling session from head to toe! The treatment utilizes the invigorating Gua Sha tool, a sea sponge dry brush brush (yours to take home!), and refreshing cold cucumber-mint infused cloths, strategically placed between soothing warm chamomile-lavender cloths to simultaneously relax your muscles and cool your senses, all locking in moisture with organic agave, aloe vera tonic and a curated range of antioxidants and vitamin boosters such as lavender and mandarin peel oils. While your body soaks in the cool, the Refresh Mint Resurfacing Moisture Mask by Maya Chia is exactly what your face yearns for to transform a lackluster complexion into glowing, radiant and nourished skin. Four different types of acids, as well as enzymes and hydrators work synergistically together to resurface, brighten and moisturize the skin. This carefully crafted Sweet 185 original treatment leaves you deeply hydrated – a balm for environmentally-damaged skin and rejuvenation for your body, mind and spirit.

Duration: 70 minutes
Price: $115, includes your sea sponge to take home

Book any bikini area sugaring hair removal through August 31 and receive your choice of a complimentary brow or underarm sugaring! You must choose at the time of booking.

That’s right, we said FREE!

This two-part gentle and effective treatment exfoliates skin, deep cleaning pores for dramatic results. Designed to be skin-illuminating by utilizing these naturally derived glycolic and lactic acids: hibiscus, pineapple, and papaya fruit enzymes and antioxidant super fruit acerola extract. Clients experience a gentle, cool, tingling sensation as the outer layer of dull, dead cells are exfoliated. This process reveals fresher, visibly smoother, and more youthful skin.

Duration: ADD-ON to any 90-minute facial experience
Price: FREE! (normally $35)