Christina’s Cabinet: Stay Cool

COOLA Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion  $32

Like a wheatgrass shot for your skin, the Environmental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion delivers powerful results, loaded with antioxidants and nourishing, soothing ingredients that help skin bounce-back after a day in the sun.

OY-L Hymilayan Sea Salt Body Scrubs  $30
A perfect combination of detoxifying and purifying Himalayan salt to cleanse, exfoliate, soothe and smooth!  These are also a client favorite for exfoliating between perfectly smooth sugared skin to prevent ingrown hairs. It is a heavenly back scratch and pure invigoration for the back of arms and feet. Take your sweet pick: Tiare Lime, Lavender, Orange Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Litsea Basil

ILIA Cucumber Primer   $42
The skin’s favorite little pick-me-up: a cooling toner in stick form. This Cucumber Water Stick does everything from reinvigorating the complexion to adding a boost of hydration to prep skin before makeup or moisturizer. Instantly smoothes and soothes skin upon application, adding a flash of refreshing moisture. Infused with botanical extracts of cucumber pulp to help de-puff, chicory root to aid with inflammation, and aloe vera to replenish and restore radiance. Apply around eyes for a midday refresher, or after your morning cleanse to set a smooth foundation for makeup.

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Christina’s Cabinet: New For You



Restore Body Lotion by JURLIQUE   $41

Rich in pure organic botanicals grown in South Australia, this indulgent body lotion absorbs quickly to moisturize, protect, and soften your skin. With nourishing avocado and macadamia oils and natural lemon, geranium and clary sage fragrance, it leaves skin deeply hydrated, beautifully scented, and visibly glowing.

Body Bâtons by KINDRED    $41

Body Bâton is a luxurious, go-anywhere moisturizer. The solid, push-up applicator is mess-free. Apply to the back of your hands and keep your palms slip-free for your daily activities. Apply to lips, elbows, knees or anywhere you need a quick-absorbing moisturizer. Body Bâton’s compact size makes it the perfect addition to your desk, purse, bedside table, sink, etc. Offered in Lavender, Woods, Tangerine-Clove and Peppermint.  We carry them all!

Nail Oil by JURLIQUE    $18

Deeply nourishes and conditions for healthy nails and cuticles. Helps strengthen dry and brittle nails, soothe cracked cuticles and intensely hydrate to restore moisture.  Use each night before bed for best absorption and treatment. I usually follow with my favorite lavender hand cream.

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Christina’s Cabinet: A Sweet Spring

Lip Blocks & Lip Conditioners by ILIA

TLC for your lips. Long-wearing, hydrating coverage. These have 4x the pigment to give staying power to these colorful beauties. APPLICATION TIP! Use on lips over Ilia’s Cucumber Eye Primer for smoother, enduring placement. New spring colors just arrived! $36 each

Waterless Wonder Balm by MAYA CHIA
A go-to beauty enhancement in our Sweet Cabinet since 2015! It is a multi-purpose wonder balm spot treatment that leaves the skin on your hands, feet, elbows – you name it –  nourished, hydrated and rejuvenated. Crafted using the highest quality of natural, organic ingredients, it is refreshingly scented with an orange blossom essential oil blend. $42 

Sunless Tan Oil by COOLA 
This serum instantly illuminates for a shimmery, sun-kissed radiance while developing a natural-looking tan over time. Fine pearlescent mica naturally accentuates and highlights for a sunlit golden shimmer, while sugar-beet derived DHA gives skin that post-vacation radiance any day of the year. Glow get ‘em! $48 

The hair removal we provide, while it seems like a small thing it’s meaningful in a pretty big way to many of us. To that point, a small tool we utilize dozens of times a day professionally and that is also a great friend in our beauty cabinet is a fabulous pair of tweezers. Seems silly maybe, but there’s nothing funny about a poor-quality set of tweezers. They lack precision and can make any tweeze more uncomfortable than it needs to be. At Sweet 185, we only offer stainless steel TWEEZERMAN TWEEZERS in our unique boutique! You’ll understand why they’ve been my professional choice since 1997! A little tidbit you may not know (and we will remind you when you come running in this week for your set!): If they become dull, just send them back in and they’ll be sharpened for free as part of Tweezerman’s LIFETIME GUARANTEE! As if these are not enough reasons, they also offer them in adorable patterns and vibrant colors to express your own style. Behold, the joy of tweezing! $16 – $28 

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Christina’s Cabinet: Some New Faves

januarycabinetOYL – Crystal Eye Serum 
The Crystal Eye Serum features an ancient Chinese beauty secret, the Tremella Mushroom. It can hold more moisture than Hyaluronic Acid and is vegan-friendly, too. The product is dispensed using an amethyst rolling stone; a truly decadent, cooling sensation. Bringing life back to tired skin and cooling puffiness around the eyes!

Kindred La Femme Candle 
Kindred turned their best-selling 2018 body oil, La Femme, into a beautifully fragrant candle! This 3 oz. long-burning, low flame candle features a wooden wick and comes with signature matches. Watch the iridescent wax swirl and sparkle and enjoy the subtle crackling sound of the wick as the candle burns. Coming soon, a second golden candle with the scent of their amazing original body oil.

Henry Charles Cosmetic Bags 
Take advice from organic beauty product lovers at Sweet 185, Henry Charles has created a line of adorable and super accessible cosmetic bags for all of our yummy goodies we cannot leave behind. And THEY ARE VEGAN! It’s a beauty junkie’s dream bag that delivers form, fashion, and function, simultaneously. Thoughtfully designed for a full-face application and so much more, it has 9 inner compartments to create efficiency in your routine with visibility and maximum storage.

Jurlique Revitalizing Cleansing Gel
They have revamped their packaging (a bit more user-friendly and less wasteful), and the content is better than ever! This light weight foaming gel is ideal for normal to combination skin. It transforms into a rich lather to cleanse skin of pollution, excess oil and impurities. Leaving it feeling pure and fresh. It’s unique micellar cleansing system removes even long-lasting makeup, while revitalizing botanicals help re-balance oiliness and restore moisture

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Christina’s Cabinet: SHINE With Illuminators

Experts say, and I agree, “The secret to younger looking skin is all in the illuminators and bronzers.” These are great product tools for those who prefer not to wear makeup. Illuminate your best features, add dimension to your face, and feed your healthy, radiant glow. It’s our sweet secret to appearing fresh and dewy, even in the driest of seasons. My picks for the perfect holiday glow:

Ilia Illuminators’ organic ingredients combine healing Rose Hip Oil to its blend. Christina’s favorite is “Polka Dots and Moonbeams.”

Maya Chia Illuminating Serum offers the world’s most nutrient-rich botanical treat in a super lightweight formula that comes in 3 different hues.

Kindred Bâton de Soleil blends contain Nano zinc to create a chemical-free sun barrier. These illuminators are offered in a cool-toned pink, pearl, warm, golden, champagne, silvery Moonbeam and a bronze-golden glow. They are spectacular for adding dimension to cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of nose, or anywhere else.
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Christina’s Cabinet (October 2018)

Sweet185_Cabinet_October2018 (1)


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Organic Lash & Brow Tinting
Utilizing Vegetable based tints to deepen and define your brow and or lashes. Clients report it lasts 2x longer than chemical based tint methods. Boost this service booking with an Organic 30/60/90 facial and give your skin the extra love it deserves. Face the world with brighter skin and boldness with your naturally defined brows and lashes!

Lash Tint $29
Brow Tint $17
Lash & Brow Tint $42
Brow Sugar & Tint $33

A perfect product pairing with this service is organic Lashfresh, to condition and hold bold tint colors longer and soften the brow and lashes to allow faster growth, greater fullness and to prevent breakage. Feed your lashes with an abundance of nutrients with this patented silk protein.

Sun Silk Drops 360
A newly formulated sunscreen from Coola with additive protection from the damaging rays from technology, digital broad-spectrum. Most of us are surprised to learn about the damaging effects from devices we use each and every day. Offered in 30 SPF utilizing plant stem cells as the largest portion of ingredients to shield the skin. I also fell in love with the adorable dispensing wand, dropping out the perfect amount of product needed to avoid over use, avoiding clogging the pump and to keep product free from bacteria.

Maya Chia Cleansing Oil
Featuring a patented supercritical chia oil, this blend is a gentle cleanser for the entire face and eye area, pulling away makeup residue while dissolving impurities without drying this delicate skin. It’s a perfect double cleansing tool to prepare the skin for exfoliation.

Kaia Deodorant
We’ve found it to be the best organic deodorant. No harmful ingredients to block pores and follicles, allowing the natural flow of toxins from our bodies. Kaia is extra sweet, offering complimentary products for those who need detox from chemical deodorants or a full body detox in general. It includes a charcoal detox bar to use when bathing as an added odor eliminator and to reduce perspiration. Our current assortment include these infusions: juicy bamboo, sakura blossom, black oak & bourbon and lime mint. With no baking soda, synthetic fragrances or other unnatural, irritating  ingredients, clients are raving!

Christina’s Cabinet (July 2017)

unnamed-2Pure by Anakiri

Get a natural glow from the purest ingredients like aloe, rose, radish, elder and walnut shell extracts. Pure gently cleanses and removes dull and unneeded skin cells for radiant skin.

Thomas Mann Jewelry

TECHNO.ROMANTIC jewelry made by mixing metals including silver, brass, bronze, nickel, copper, iron and aluminum.  The pieces are coated to naturally patina over time. He creates from inspiration in four different series: Geometric, Nature, Hearts, and Narrative.  We have found his pieces playful, soulful and wise.  Above all they seem to be able to speak to all of our clients and that is so important. We feel one of our most important roles is connecting and providing services and unique things to just about anyone.
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Christina’s Cabinet (April 2017)



Clover & Bee Body Polish

Ingrown hair prevention tends to be a common topic. This month, you’ll hear about me reaching into my cabinet for a new magical and effective spin on our traditional sugar scrub: Granulated honey crystals mixed with Babassu oil and organic essential oils. Welcome Clover & Bee Body Polish to my routine; yours too! Let me know what you think.

Maya Chia Illuminating Face Serum

Wildcrafted plant actives, supercritical chia oil, white lupin seeds, astaxanthin (65x stronger than Vitamin C) — these are some of the high performance actives found in Maya Chia products. They are right at home now at Sweet 185 among our other clean beauty favorites. Maya Chia products are particularly special because they are created by one of my new favorite ladies, Suzanne Norwitz, who joined us last week for supper to celebrate her and them. As Suzanne revealed her treasures, the whole staff knew my favorite Maya Chia item when they saw my eyes grow WIDE: Illuminating Serum — a golden or pink shade using mica and chia oil for a perfectly blended skin highlighter that provides sparkle as subtle or as bold wherever (on you) you would like. It also feels fabulous! Maya Chia is a Charleston based company, and we love local! Soon, we will be hosting an invitation only event with Suzanne. If you haven’t already asked me to place your name on the list…

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Christina’s Cabinet (March 2017)



Jurlique Sunless Tanner

Used in the Spa’s Sweet and Sunkissed service, Jurlique Sunless Tanner utilizes a super berry complex to protect but also keratinize your cells to achieve a natural skin tone versus an orange additive coating. The magic of the super berry stimulates the protective barrier in the cells to protect your skin from sun damage and burning prior to  sun exposure.

Anakiri Propolis Balm

A client favorite, this is Mother Nature’s first aid balm. It’s perfect for healing, treating and preventing ingrown hairs, wounds or blemishes and magically relieving itching from insect bites. Laden with calendula, aloe and most importantly bee propolis.

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Christina’s Cabinet (January 2017)


Kimberly Parry Skin Relief 
“I suggest this for skin (head to toe) needing to be soothed and comforted.  Times when we are oversensitive, have developed a rash, skin reaction, over dry, under nourished or even super dehydrated.  This yummy balm brings relief and immediately addresses inflammation. Ages 1mo-100years ”

One love Vitamin C scrub 
“A true esthetic gommage for the body (just not the face) with high extract concentrations of vitamin C.  Perfect for a leave on treatment for extra softening properties and possibly ingrown hair relief”

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