Sweet 185 is a sugaring studio and organic boutique. Our mission to provide natural hair removal and esthetic services to clients in a beautiful, warm, nurturing environment--from eyebrows to Brazilians, facials to body treatments. We also offer products that complement our services and philosophy such as sea sponges, all natural skin-care products and clothing made from organically grown materials. Sweet 185 has been in business for 7 years, 5 under the current owner who bought the little 425 square foot studio on 185 St. Philip’s Street in 2009 and quickly grew out of it, relocating to a more prestigious 1800 square foot location in Charleston’s Upper King Street Design District. Our owner was originally the only paid employee and, with the help of her former partner, was responsible for every aspect of running the studio: seeing clients, finances, bookkeeping, marketing…all if it. We now have a beloved staff of 10 and we are still growing.
Our “be kind to…” philosophy encourages all of us to be kind to our bodies, communities, the planet and to some “body” else. That is why we offer only natural therapies, locally-sourced, environmentally friendly products and support several local charities. We participate in approximately a dozen fundraising events annually including donating products and services for auctions at schools, churches and non-profit organizations like the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry & Jazz Artists of Charleston. We also sponsor the Charleston ALS chapter to fight Lou Gehrigs disease, Louie’s kids, fighting childhood obesity and The Charleston Center for Women.


Much of Sweet 185’s atmosphere can be attributed to professional multi-tasker, Christina. She loves to be creative, from writing promotional material to helping design the studios motif to carefully choosing which products Sweet 185 carries because, as she says, “the products we sell are an extension of our service and are designed to enhance our client’s experience.” As a Master Sugarist and 19-year licensed esthetician, Christina has learned to use her perceptive skills to respond to client’s needs rather than telling them what they need.

She uses the same sensitivity and creativity in her personal life as a devoted Roman Catholic, wife and mother of five (including a set of twins!). Christina loves plants and natures healing and restorative properties. She uses her demeanor, voice and touch to calm a child to sleep or to comfort loved ones and practices yoga to revitalize her own spirit. She has also traveled extensively, speaks three languages and loves “really soft sheets and driving 120 miles an hour.”

Favorite Quote: “Always be yourself because the people who matter don’t mind, and the ones that mind don’t matter.” ~ anonymous


Philip went to the College of Charleston and then Columbia University in New York for graduate school. He has also owned his own business, worked as a psychotherapist and is currently a researcher/caregiver at the Medical University of South Carolina. He does a little bit of everything at the studio: marketing and copy editing to development work for the new planned studios and he even makes repairs to our sweet place. Outside of work, in his spare time, he loves auto racing and restoration, writing (he has self-published a children’s book) and caring for the second and third most important people in the world to him: his 2 babies.

Favorite Quote: "If you meet people you think are better than you, you don’t know them well enough" ~ PAE


Please welcome Ksousha (we pronounce it Soo-sha), directly from Russia via Egypt (it’s a long story). She loves beauty and tourism. That’s what brought her to Egypt. At 18 years old she moved to Sharm El Sheikh. For the next 11 years, she worked in guest relations as a sales representative and receptionist/consultant at the biggest spa in town; during this time she met her husband. In 2013, they found their way to Charleston.

Some employees need “encouragement” to work hard, express enthusiasm and maintain their dedication to their job. Ksousha is exactly the opposite. She’s a pleasure to be around, loves to work with clients and is always going 100 miles an hour. When she slows down she likes to knit, create really intricate bead sculptures and do abstract paintings.

Favorite quote: Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional! ~attributed to Chili Davis



Alecia is a catch and we knew it when we first met her. It took us a few years to reel her in, but now we’ve got her. Alecia can and does anything and everything at the studio: finance, marketing, event coordination, sales…you name it. She’s able to do all of that because she has many years’ experience in hospitality as well as a Bachelors degree in Business Administration and Marketing. When Alecia isn’t juggling 47 different things at the studio she likes to spend quality time with friends (she has a million), listening to live music and reading in the sunshine. Three things she loves: are organic skin care, adventure (especially nature walks) and having a fantastically good time.  

Favorite quote: "Try not to be a man of success but rather a man of value" ~ Albert Einstein


Michael has the honorable distinction of being our first male employee. We have wanted a male concierge for years and when Michael came along we knew he was “the one.” Michael grew up on a goat farm at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northwest Georgia, which we think is really cool. His 3 loves are his friends, himself (very cute) and his family, with a special shout out to his granny, “haaaaay, granny!” Michael enjoys walks on the beach, being social and caring for people. He is working toward a nursing degree but taking a break and we’re very lucky he is because we got him…at least for now.

Favorite quote: “Out of clutter find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” ~Albert Einstein


Alex, (her dad still calls her Alexandria—such a dad thing), is a woman of very few but powerful words. For example, when we asked her what her hobbies were, she said “I walk on my hands just as much as my feet.” Now perhaps she was alluding to her yoga training but we think she may be saying much more about life...or maybe not. Alex graduated from C of C and likes to spend a lot of time by the water at the beach. She is a serious multitasker and in addition to Alex’s responsibilities with us, she teaches Yoga at Charleston Power Yoga and bartends at Indaco. Her 3 loves are yoga, music and the beach; she’s “solar powered.”

Favorite quote: "Don’t stress the could haves, if it should have, it would have" ~ unknown


Vandy is the kind of person who’s bright smile reflects her inner beauty and we’re sure that is part of the reason our clients love her. Vandy is from Spartanburg and has a huge family that she loves to spend time with. Although she is a licensed cosmetologist, Vandy prefers to specialize in nails but also attends the College of Charleston studying Elementary Education. Besides traveling, hiking and playing volleyball, her loves are baking, walks on the beach and trying new restaurants.

Favorite quote: “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” ~Eleanor Roosevelt


Wayne is a renaissance man. Besides being an experienced massage therapist and a suma cum laude graduate, he dabbles in everything from psychology, writing poetry, playing guitar and even had a show on 98 Rock. Let him put his hands on you and you instantly get that Wayne is a consummate professional and takes his career very seriously. His loves are smiling, learning and passion. Check out his favorite quote. It’s lovely and reflects his warm demeanor.

Favorite quote: “The best relationships are when you both feel like the lucky one.” ~anonymous


Please meet our intriguing and cosmopolitan esthetician, Karin, born in Estonia, a country in the Baltic region of northern Europe. Her background is fascinating: a grandfather exiled to Siberia, her father a regional secretary of agriculture; in high school, she remembers feeling terrified watching Russian tanks parade down her street after the fall of the USSR, not knowing whether they would fire on her and her family. Before coming to us, Karin lived in Sweden, Denmark, Australia and New York, where she received her esthetic training at Aveda. She credits her mom for being a role model of how to look and feel young, and her heart--she is a genuinely warm, kind soul--she says came from her beloved father. Karin has a bachelor of arts from Copenhagen University and has worked as a flight attendant and hospitality coordinator. She enjoys visiting vineyards and loves traveling, fitness and her family, including “my little Dachsund, Chewy.” We have seen her with her dog, and we would say especially her Dachsund, Chewy.

Favorite Quote: Healthy body, healthy mind


A Charleston local since age 7, Sarah was born in Asheville, North Carolina. She loves the mountains but also the beach. Sarah and one of her besties since 4th grade made a pact to go to the beach every day and watch the sun rise. That was a little lofty but she still tries to go once a week “because no two sunsets are ever the same and I don’t want to miss them.” Although Sarah is a concierge, she wants to become an esthetician and has learned to be very grateful for the opportunity to “have had to work so hard and to do and learn so much…and I love it.” She credits Sweet 185’s owner for teaching her; “she is the hardest working woman I know.” And Sarah is no slouch. She works 7 days a week and often leaves the studio to waitress at The Mellow Mushroom until 10 or 11:00 at night. She’s also talented, teaching herself to play piano and read music. Sarah has one sister and two brothers, all younger, and she likes being an older sister; “it has it’s downsides and perks…but I love having siblings and a big family… I feel bad for people who don’t.” Sarah’s loves are first her family (my sister is like my best friend), music (her top three favorite bands? Banks, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, U2… “If I didn’t have music I’d be a mess”) and last but not least her kitty Cocoa whom she found and snuck into her college dorm (“she’s like my baby…I call her my daughter.”

Favorite quote: “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery…today is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present.” ~ Winnie the Pooh


  • Giuliana Massari, "Sweet end"
  • Stephanie Rochin, Executive Assistant