Sweet 185‘s Organic Nail services are provided by licensed specialists who adhere to strict hygiene and sanitation methods.


Pedicures are performed in a traditional turkish hammam bowl. Along with being naturally anti-bacterial/macrobial it assists in a healthier immunity.


You can relax with confidence that you will not be at risk for harmful bacteria found in the pipes of pedicure spa chairs.

Short & Sweet

A simple cleanse, file, shape, massage and polish for the client on the go. You’ll walk out with fresh, tidy nails.
Duo: 50
Manicure: 25
Pedicure: 30  


Sweet Essentials

A revitalizing service complete with all the essentials: along with a Short & Sweet, indulge in an exfoliating sugar scrub, softening cuticle treatment, essential oil soak and a nurturing massage.
Duo: 70
Manicure: 35
Pedicure: 40


The Mercedes of our sweet, organic nail services. Enjoy all the Sweet Essentials followed by a velvety mineral mud mask, warming treatment and an indulgent massage. The ultimate nourishment for your hands, arms, legs and feet.
Duo: 109
Manicure: 50
Pedicure: 65  


The MAN(i)

Designed for our Sweet men who know to care for their hands and feet. It’s a Short & Sweet combined with a cuticle softening treatment, exfoliating scrub and invigorating massage to reveal smooth, healthy skin. Dapper, indeed.
Duo: 75
Manicure: 30
Pedicure: 45


Aromatherapy : 5
Nail Art : 5
French : 10
Gel Polish : 10
Hot Stone Massage : 10
Sugar/Salt Scrub : 10
Tub Truffle Soak : 7

Gel Nail Service
Removal : 15
Duo : 35
Feet : 20
Hands : 20

Polish Nail Service
Duo : 15
Feet : 10
Hands - 10

Polish Nail Service French
Duo : 25
Feet : 14
Hands : 15

Please bring your personal flip flops as it is kinder to the environment, your sweet feet And certainly more comfortable for returning home. For walk-in or visiting guests, we provide Sweet 185 pedicure sandals so you may relax in our lounge to allow for full drying time before your tootsies can return to their shoes.
24 Hour Cancellation Policy: Please remember that your appointment time is reserved for you and no one else. If you don’t arrive, everyone misses out: you, another client who could have takent that spot and the sugarist/therapist. Nothing sweet about that! For clients who do not allow 24-hours notice, our policy is to charge the following fees: No show/No call – Full cost of scheduled service(s) Call within 24-hours of appointment time- Half cost of scheduled service(s) We certainly understand that things happen, but everyone will be happier when you call and reschedule in advance.