Welcome to our Sweet Specials Page. In here you will find our specials collection, from body and facial treatments to massage, product and seasonal offerings. Be sure to come back periodically and if you find something particularly sweet from the past that you love, don’t hesitate to ask for it. We can’t guarantee you the same special rate but we can guarantee you the same special service. And who knows, if it is particularly popular we may add it to our regular menu.


Sweet & Sun-Kissed

The Sweet 
Your therapist exfoliates your body with an organic sugar scrub to remove excess dead skin cells and allow for the most uniform glow.Rinse off in our private shower and return to your suite for the next treat.

The Sun-Kissed
Finally we apply our natural, full-body sheer gel-lotion that utilizes a super-berry complex and two sugar extracts. You will notice an instant glow that develops over several hours into an even and authentic-looking tan. It also moisturizes and leaves a skin barrier that protects against environmental aggressors. Best of all, the lotion is lightweight, non-greasy and leaves you sweet-smelling, not stinky like other tanners.*Single Application $75 (Reg. $95) until 4/30/2019
* Sun-Kissed Trio Application – $175 (Reg. $285)
* Purchase and use 1 of 3 by April 30, 2019, gradually develop and build color over a 5-7 day period.


Tangerine~Clove Body Slumber

Full body emulsion using mango butter, lavender oil, evening primrose oil, calendula oil, and arnica oil.  Deeply nourishing & curative, utilizing essences of tangerine & clove. Your body is then warmly cocooned for moist-heat therapy portion of service.  Scalp, neck and feet are gently massaged with particular attention to pressure points to lull body and mind to slumber.