“I will admit, I was terrified to try the sugaring.. But it wasn’t bad at all. Way more sanitary and less painful than waxing. The staff is super professional and make you feel comfortable. I will be back!”


What a great find! Never been sugared but a historical waxer…I moved down here post baby and non bikini season so…wasn’t really thinking about that business but now it’s the pool several times a week! Nair is just awful but definitely am not close enough with anyone down here to say “hey! who rips all the hair out of your vag?!”

So as usual, Yelp led me in the right direction. I arrived and the receptionist didn’t seem to know who I was or what I wanted (I had an appointment and the place was empty) but luckily my therapist came out almost immediately and was so delightful and pleasant that I forgot about the less than enthusiastic welcome.

I find the pricing competitive with waxing (at least in NJ) and yes, some parts hurt but honestly, some other parts I did not even feel. The best thing is that I was maybe a little red leaving, but by the time I got home, not red, no bumpies…nothing. I am so, so pleased and this will be my go to from now on! Sugaring all the way!

**Follow up commentary:

1. Received a thank you note from my therapist, Allison – I almost fell over! I thought I was the only one who sent thank you notes anymore. Classy!
2. The owner contacted me re: the less than enthusiastic welcome and said they would address it…again, classy!


A glorious experience!

I had never been sugared before. I’ve tried electrolysis, waxing, tweezing, Nair, and about every other method out there. All methods were either ineffective long-term or very irritating to my sensitive skin. Carla was my sugarist and she was fantastic! Not only was she very professional but I also enjoyed her sense of humor and style. :) The sugaring was almost painless and I didn’t experience any irritation or reactions like I have with other methods.

Carla was also my esthetician. I loved the Jurlique products used as they are all-natural and hypoallergenic. Carla listened to my needs, addressed them, made suggestions, and gave me the most effective and relaxing facial I’ve had! In other nice salons their products cause burning to my face and irritation around my eyes, but the Jurlique products are worry-free!

My holistic massage was nice but not as phenomenal as the sugaring and facial. The massage room was pretty chilly and the massage table wasn’t heated, so I spent the hour shivering with chill bumps. My therapist did a good job but I’ve had better at competitors’ spas.

The boutique was very cute and had a wide variety of natural products. I left with a Jurlique exfoliating treatment and a soy candle. They had tons more that I wanted!

I will definitely be back for sugaring and facials with Carla, but I may stick to my other home spa for massages. If you’re thinking about sugaring but hesitant, TRY IT!”


“Wish I had a chance to experience their spa services – next visit! But their selection of local, organic beauty products is wonderful, and they even had adorable locally-made lingerie. I also loved the soy/coconut oil candles that double as lotion – genius! Will be booking an appointment in advance for my next visit.”


“My first sugaring was at Sweet 185 today and I LOVED every minute of it! The studio is very clean, organized and inviting. Christinia and her staff are very attentive and you can tell they really love what they do. Which makes all the difference!

I have been waxed before and this was a completey different experience! The warm combination of lemon, sugar and water is a lot less harsh than hot wax on your skin. Not to mention the moist warm towels and organic powders used to sooth your skin and make it feel fresh and amazing at the end. SO NICE!

Christinia, their Master Sugarist, performed my treatment and she has definitely PERFECTED her craft. Christinia made me feel comfortable and very relaxed. She walked me through the whole process and it was very informative! I will never go back to waxing again.

I bought a natural sea sponge and organic body wash (both $4) to try on my skin. My skin is naturally dry and exfoilating it with real ingredients such as organic olive and coconut oil is something I can’t wait to experience! I need to start giving back to my skin and I think this is the perfect way to start. I also look forward to going back to try out their oxygen bar and mani/pedi services. I walked out with a huge smile on my face knowing I just had a SWEET positive experience!

P.S. My boyfriend bought me an organic nightie from their front room for Valentine’s Day and I am in love with it. It is sexy yet COMFORTABLE! Who knew?”


“I used to be hesitant about getting facials because I have very sensitive skin. My face wouId break out in a rash – until I got a facial at Sweet 185! They use Anakiri and Jurlique products that make my skin look and feel fabulous! Now I can’t wait to get a facial!”

~C. Bell