About Us

Sweet 185 is Charleston’s first sugaring studio and organic boutique specializing in the ancient, all-natural hair–removal technique of sugaring, combined with a holistic approach to esthetics, wellness and natural beauty. 

Our Specialties

Our mission to provide natural hair removal and esthetic services to clients in a beautiful, warm, nurturing environment–from eyebrows to Brazilians, facials to body treatments. We also offer products that complement our services and philosophy such as sea sponges, all natural skin-care products and clothing made from organically grown materials.

Meet the Team

Christina Mikolajcik was originally the only paid employee and, with the help of her former partner, was responsible for every aspect of running the studio: seeing clients, finances, bookkeeping, marketing . . . all if it.

  1. Christina Mikolajcik

    Christina Mikolajcik

    Esthetician, Master Sugarist
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  2. Giuliana Massari

    Giuliana Massari

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