A Letter from Christina

97a6adc0-7560-4c41-a2e1-b41cc114f780Dear Sweet Sweeties,

As we’ve begun a new year, I am reflecting on the past 12 years, growing with my clients through their college years, experiencing their first love and heartbreak, beginning a new career, marriage and children. Some more challenging and sad, others quite joyful. I witness in admiration as the true spirit of our humanity unfolds every day. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life to lift you up and to remind you of the possibilities within yourself. Thank you for sharing your dreams and secrets, and for trusting me to take care of you. Your light and spirit remind me of the good, loving, honest people in our world. Sweet 185‘s community keeps me inspired and reaching for my own dreams. It fuels my strength to forge ahead in this sweet life that is so very wholesome, in part because you are in it. What a gift!

With a thankful heart as we move through this new year, I remain,
Your Master Sugarist,


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