Say Hello to Beautiful Brows!

We want you to start your school year feeling your best! Brows are the TRUE framework of the face and deserve the SWEETEST treatment. With organic sugaring, made only of sugar, lemon and water, you can enhance your brow, naturally, without exposing your beautiful face to harsh chemical waxing. Looking to intensify the look of your brows? Add a lash and brow tinting to your sugaring service (we only use vegetable based tinting materials, of course).

Did we mention that student discounts are available at Sweet 185? Just bring your student I.D. Parents of sweet teens, do you have a student who would like to give brow sugaring a try? We’re happy to help! Don’t think we forgot about you fellas, sugaring is a fantastic way to achieve a clean and defined look. #dapper

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Yep, that’s pretty sweet! #backtoschool

Don’t Forget Sizzling Summer Deals

End September 01!

Vitamin C Buttery Nectar Dip

Picture it, Fall 2015 and you are experiencing Sweet 185’s Pumpkin Chai Detox. Wasn’t it luxurious? Help us welcome it’s sister delight, a Vitamin C nectar butter full body wrap, coupled with a renewing, vitamin complex facial!
*Inspired by One Love Organics


Sweet & Sun Kissed Summer Trio

Summer is flying by and you want that beautiful tan to live on into those wondrous fall beach days! AHH! STOP, do not get that spray tan OR hop in that tanning bed. How about a natural, sun-kissed dew, instead? What if it were coupled with a full body exfoliation to ensure the most even application? Yes, we’ve got that for you!

Phewww, that was a close one!

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