Christina’s Cabinet: A Sweet Spring

Lip Blocks & Lip Conditioners by ILIA

TLC for your lips. Long-wearing, hydrating coverage. These have 4x the pigment to give staying power to these colorful beauties. APPLICATION TIP! Use on lips over Ilia’s Cucumber Eye Primer for smoother, enduring placement. New spring colors just arrived! $36 each

Waterless Wonder Balm by MAYA CHIA
A go-to beauty enhancement in our Sweet Cabinet since 2015! It is a multi-purpose wonder balm spot treatment that leaves the skin on your hands, feet, elbows – you name it –  nourished, hydrated and rejuvenated. Crafted using the highest quality of natural, organic ingredients, it is refreshingly scented with an orange blossom essential oil blend. $42 

Sunless Tan Oil by COOLA 
This serum instantly illuminates for a shimmery, sun-kissed radiance while developing a natural-looking tan over time. Fine pearlescent mica naturally accentuates and highlights for a sunlit golden shimmer, while sugar-beet derived DHA gives skin that post-vacation radiance any day of the year. Glow get ‘em! $48 

The hair removal we provide, while it seems like a small thing it’s meaningful in a pretty big way to many of us. To that point, a small tool we utilize dozens of times a day professionally and that is also a great friend in our beauty cabinet is a fabulous pair of tweezers. Seems silly maybe, but there’s nothing funny about a poor-quality set of tweezers. They lack precision and can make any tweeze more uncomfortable than it needs to be. At Sweet 185, we only offer stainless steel TWEEZERMAN TWEEZERS in our unique boutique! You’ll understand why they’ve been my professional choice since 1997!

A little tidbit you may not know (and we will remind you when you come running in this week for your set!): If they become dull, just send them back in and they’ll be sharpened for free as part of Tweezerman’s LIFETIME GUARANTEE! As if these are not enough reasons, they also offer them in adorable patterns and vibrant colors to express your own style. Behold, the joy of tweezing! $16 – $28 

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