Organic Nail Services at Sweet 185…THEY’RE BACK!


Sweet 185 is excited to announce that Charleston’s only organic spa is now offering nail services! Indulge in natural manicures and pedicures featuring the purest products and therapies, with polishes and gels that are free of up to 10 of the most toxic chemicals found in products carried by conventional nail salons and spas.

Short & Sweet
A simple cleanse, file, shape, massage and polish for the client on the go. You’ll walk out with fresh, tidy nails.

Sweet Essentials
A revitalizing service complete with all the essentials: along with a Short & Sweet, indulge in an exfoliating sugar scrub, softening cuticle treatment, essential oil soak and a nurturing massage.

The Mercedes of our sweet, organic nail services. Enjoy all the Sweet Essentials followed by a velvety mineral mud mask, warming treatment and an indulgent massage. The ultimate nourishment for your hands, arms, legs and feet.

The MAN(i)
Designed for our Sweet men who know to care for their hands and feet. It’s a Short & Sweet combined with a cuticle softening treatment, exfoliating scrub and invigorating massage to reveal smooth, healthy skin. Dapper, indeed.

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