Spring Note From Christina

Dear Sweet Sweeties, 

With showers of sunshine and rain, the gardens at Sweet 185 are coming alive with seedlings and blossoms of flowers, bringing beauty, energy, and fragrance along with them. Many of our blooms feature many of the essences found in our very own boutique, filled with some of the finest in organic skin care offerings, including geranium, rose, calendula, violet, ranunculus, lavender and strawberry. Experience the vitality of these plants that is then distilled and blended to enhance the health of our body’s largest organ – our skin.

97a6adc0-7560-4c41-a2e1-b41cc114f780EmPOWER yourself with petals! I am often reminded of how tending to a garden can teach us about relationships. It is an example of our hope and intention in relating to you, our clients . It is an intentional, supportive, and nourishing partnership, seeking to offer more than we ask from each and every interaction. Cultivating biodynamic gardens has been a love and passion of mine for more than the past two decades. Bringing clippings from them to be enjoyed by staff and guests is a common ritual of my day. We hope to enhance your day when you stroll down the driveway or up to our front porch, taking a little time to literally smell the roses and engage all of your senses. Be mindful of what you hear, smell, see, and feel and allow it to enhance your day. Take it with you as you journey through your week. B R E A T H E and be kind to your body in the ways connecting with nature can only achieve.

Sweet Regards,

photo: Alice Keeney

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