Sweet Signature Service Winter 2019: Cacao Coffee Body Buzz Scrub

Your whole body has waited all year for this cocoa, coffee buzz and it’s sure to appreciate this warm, buttery, exfoliating blend. This service includes moisture infused hot towels compression, followed by warm oil effleurage rub, a mini facial cleanse, and moisture replenishment.

It not only feels good, it’s a super shot of beneficial, raw content that increases blood flow and naturally smooths cellulite. A super boost of coffee and cacao antioxidants feed the skin and reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints.

Our exclusive signature service is sure to have you buzzing right into the new year!

  • Duration: 60 minutes, Full Body Exfoliation
  • Price: $144

* Special Pricing through January 31, 2020 ($225 Value)

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