Sweet Summer Salutations, Beloveds!

97a6adc0-7560-4c41-a2e1-b41cc114f780Hoping you’ve been enjoying some well-deserved rest, sharing laughs, love, and good times with family and friends!In the midst of our extreme heatwave, I decided to dive a little deeper into my natural remedy tool belt and designed a magical solution to restore, relax and literally cool your core temperature to help survive these oppressive days. Our Cucumber Cool Down is exactly what you’re body is begging for! Details for this full-body experience are featured in our Service Offerings below, available through the end of August.

I find that clients feel that the best thing they can use is pure aloe to recover from sun damaged skin. It’s simply not true. Our skin needs a perfected combination of nutrients to help the skin repair its damage. That’s what sunburn is. If we don’t use the best remedy products available after being exposed to such damage, it can lead to pre-cancerous cells and even scarring of the skin. I also like to remind our clients that their skin is comprised of years of damage we’ve accrued since childhood – not just today’s exposure. It’s also great to use before you’re going to be in the sun for long periods of time. In the days leading up to a trip or even just a weekend at one of our beautiful beaches, it can fortify the skin and help to prevent the damage before it occurs.

I didn’t have to dive to deep into my cabinet to find COOLA’s Radical Recovery Lotion. It has been a saving grace and client-favorite for years. From pre and post sun exposure to intense sunburns, this lotion’s primary ingredients are the centerpiece for our Cucumber Cool Down and is part of an entire line of products perfect for your everyday use. It’s the jewel of this month’s edition of Christina’s Cabinet.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon, Sweet Ones. Stay cool!

Sweet Regards,


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