Sweet Winter Offerings – eNews (December 2021)

Bright Eyes Bundle

Lash and brow tinting and organic eye treatment

Living in a time when our faces are predominately covered, our eye appearance is even more vital. We have now bundled our coveted tinting service and a specially designed eye remedy with substantial savings for a limited time to feed your glow and help our Sweeties shine extra bright this holiday season!

Specifically designed to remedy dehydration and common stress found around the eyes from technology use, sun damage, puffiness and dark shadowing. This eye treatment is a cleanse, moisture infusion and uniquely blended mask to soothe, brighten and tighten your delicate tissue around the eyes. Gentle stimulation over plant extract infusion helps to rebuild better elasticity, promote collagen production and generate new, firmer skin cells. In addition, our veggie dye for deep lash and subtle brow tint enhancement simply transforms your eyes. See it to believe it!

Bright Eyes Bundle – Sweet Special $30 (Reg. $45)
Limited time only, through December 20, 2021
Sweet Special Pricing with Sarah B. ONLY

Level-Headed Add-On

30 minute head massage to help you think more clearly, feel productive and more in tune.

A great midday break or end-of-day respite, our most recent menu addition is designed as a welcomed break from intense days that leave us feeling unbalanced and with a foggy mind.

Many of us have experienced how much stress can affect our brain function and there is certainly enough data to prove it. We have so many nerve endings and connective tissue in our head and scalp that extend throughout our extremities, affecting far reaching areas in our bodies. Our dynamic Level-Headed service is carefully designed to draw tension away and open up many of those nerve pathway in the nervous system that offer total body relaxation and a hard reset in just 30 minutes. After having tapped into that deep restorative state, you will be able to think more clearly, feel exceptionally productive and be more in tune with your entire body.

A a quick beauty “pick-me-up” and stress reliever on its own or a Sweet addition to any of our Organic Facial or Holistic Massage or Body Services, you will return to the world more refreshed and a bit more “level-headed.”

Level Headed Add-On 30 minutes
Sweet Special $48 – (Reg. $75)
Limited-time offer through December 20, 2021.
Sweet Special Pricing with Sarah B. ONLY

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