WIN a FALL RE”TREAT” at Sweet 185!

WIN a FALL RE"TREAT" at Sweet 185!

Your Favorite Is BACK!

A Pumpkin Seed and Oil-Based Body Wrap with a Holistic Massage and Rejuvenating 30-Minute Facial

Pumpkins aren’t just great for carving or baking. They are a rich source of potassium, zinc, alphahydroxy acids, enzymes and free radical-busting antioxidants like beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. Also, organic pumpkin seed oil and fatty acids provide a nourishing, good-enough-to-eat treat for your skin.

This summer, if you overcooked yourself in the sun, dabbled in a few too many adult beverages or swam in a lot of chlorine, this is the treatment for you.

The Sweet Service Details

Your skin is warmed and stimulated with a specialized naked dry brush, followed by a moist whole-body compress and a holistic massage with soothing pumpkin oil. Your therapist then re-wraps you to make sure the nutrients are completely infused into your skin.

But you are only halfway there.

While you are cocooned in your wrap, your therapist will begin your facial. Utilizing the pumpkin extracts, your therapist exfoliates, detoxifies and brightens your face as well as protecting it for the winter.

$119.00 from now through December 1
$145.00 after December 1
*$225 Value

Giveaway Details!

Our pint size sweeties, Simcha and Ziva, are almost 2 years old and need Halloween costumes; and who better to help than our Sweet 185 family? Here’s the FUN part! Your challenge is to create 1 “identical” costume for our two little ladies, for example 2 marshmallow puffs = YES, 1 Peanut Butter and 1 Jelly = NO. They also must be able to walk, or, “trick or treat” in them comfortably. The MOST creative WINS!
Send an email to
with your costume idea to enter and WIN! TODAY – SEPTEMBER 30, 2016
1 entry per sweetie…SO MAKE IT COUNT!
Winner announced on HALLOWEEN, Monday October 31
Redemption Date by Monday, December 5

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