Brow & Lash Tinting

Sweet 185 lash tinting will help nourish and thicken lashes, helps pop eye color and awaken the eye area without mascara. We use only natural ingredients like Peanut oil, lanolin, and sunflower for gentle, long-lasting results. The product is vegetable based and contains no coal tar.

Lash and Brow
Brown Sugar and Tint

The Process

Our Licensed Estheticians perform eyebrow and lash tinting. With our suggestions, you choose from brown, black or the more dramatic “blue-black”. If you’re a contact lens wearer, please remove them then sit comfortably, draped by a protective towel (to keep the tint and the warm washing water from getting on your clothes).

Your esthetician applies a protective Organic balm under the eyes, which prevents the skin from getting stained. Then a thin cotton pad shaped in a curve goes on top of the cream.

You shut your eyes, and the tint is applied to lashes with a fine brush, and allowed to set for at least 10 minutes. With your eyes still shut, the esthetician begins to remove the dye with cotton wool dampened with warm water.

This might take a few minutes of gentle strokes and several pads. When the excess dye has been removed, you open your eyes; the esthetician cleans up the under-eye area and lid with additional moist cotton. A natural eye cream is then applied to moisturize your eye area.

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